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"Why join the Colorist Society International"

The Colorist Society International CSI was launched during the 2016 NAB Colorist Mixer. 

That first anniversary has just passed so what has changed? I sat down with CSI co founder Jim Wicks at NAB and discussed some of the things the CSI has been up to.

Jim Wicks and Kevin Shaw arrived at NAB 2016 with a bunch of postcards talking about their CSI plans, they hadn’t even launched the website!

I explained in my blog post 12 months ago that the CSI was a fantastic idea but just like a movie, if you want to make a good one you need a budget. So I like others put down my $120, based on what the guys hoped to do in the coming years.

Jim explained that Membership was growing steadily and what he was really excited about was the fact that members were happily re joining for a second year. That in my eyes was one of their hardest challenges. Colorists had joined based on the initial hype, but could the CSI deliver enough to make them resign?

If you haven’t been to CSI website lately then take a fresh look.

A gallery page showing movies graded by CSI members.

A members database with a profile picture and bio

A members forum

A monthly newsletter featuring CSI members

Members discount on products and training


So what are the guys planning for year two? Jim explained that the real goal for the CSI is an awards evening. Obviously for this to be a success they need to grow the members list. We as colorists would then need to support an awards evening by entering our work. Not an easy thing to do for us graders, how many colorist awards have we entered previously, how many have we won, probably none. In the past colorists have been very much in the background when the awards season rolls around.

As a CSI member the reality of entering a dedicated coloring awards, attending them and saying, “I am really proud of this piece of work”

You never know you might win!


Take a fresh look at the CSI it’s your society.





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