Warren Eagles


“Training at Troika Los Angeles”


I first worked with Paul Brodie in 1993. I was the colorist at Chrysalis TV in London and he was a runner fresh out of arts school. We got on very well and still do today, mostly due to a love of beer and football.

Paul started the graphics department on his weekends and made tea during the week. He became the Paintbox artist before moving on to Sky News, then Sky Sports. I was still twiddling balls, but we kept in touch.

He moved to NYC in 1997, I went to Australia in 1999 so our paths didn’t cross as much. He eventually scored a job in LA, where I was visiting NAB on a regular basis, so our football and beer relationship was rebooted.

These days Paul is a Creative Director of the leading LA design company Trokia, working with some of the biggest TV networks in the world. I’m busy with the ICA, visiting LA to run classes about three times a year.

Paul said they were bringing some projects in-house, including grading, so I offered training for their key operator Jake Braafladt.

Remember, you never know when a relationship founded in this industry is going to bear fruit…well beers and burgers anywayJ

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