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Color Tour Podcast Episode 3: Paul Hanrahan – “The Kung Fu Colorist”

color tours with warren eagles colorist brisbane, australia

Paul Hanrahan left his native South Africa to follow his love of Kung Fu in Taiwan. When a post house in Taipei needed a colorist, Paul realized he could follow both his passions.

Warren chats with Paul at Digimax in both his Nucoda and Resolve grading suites. The conversations continues in a local taxi before concluding in a local restaurant.

Topics discussed:

  • Is it hard moving and coloring in a foreign country?

  • Differences between the Nucoda and Resolve

  • How to get started in the industry

Watch the ‘7-11’ video I discussed Paul in the Nucoda room: https://vimeo.com/262170916

Watch the ‘321 Marathon’ video we discussed in Paul’s Resolve room: https://vimeo.com/260526960

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