Warren Eagles


Color Tour Podcast EP1

I’ve been talking about starting a Colorist podcast for over 10 years! Finally after lots of talk my new Podcast is live.

In the ‘Color Tour’ Podcast I chat to Colorists in different locations around the world. It starts in the grading suite then moves to a local bar or restaurant.

The aim of the Podcast is to look at the inspiration each grader gets from his or her location. It also digs into how the colorist has made a move to a new country or city, what were the challenges and how easy was it?

Some of questions include, how do you manage your clients, are you conforming or coloring a baked timeline, grading RAW or ProRes, what’s your best and worst colorist experience?

I want the listener to try and visualize our location, feel you are in the bar sampling a local beer or glass of vino in Manhattan, Shanghai or London.


Episode 1

Vincent Taylor

Manhattan NYC US

Born US

Company Chimney NY