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The craziest week of my coloring life

Training in Toronto, visit Niagara Falls. Home to Brisbane via a manic connection in LA. Lose my baggage, grade a TVC, then head to Singapore. All the time using Public Transport to get to and from each Airport.

Saturday 10th November.

I wrapped ICA classes in Toronto, having already done a week in LA followed by the Canadian trip.


Sunday 11th November

A free day, wow that’s unusual. I head to Niagara Falls, which is 90 mins outside Toronto. An amazing place, I hadn’t realized how different the Canadian Falls were to the US side. Coloring is about experiences and this was an amazing one especially from the boat below the Falls.

2018_TORONTO - 11.jpg


Monday 12th November.

Breakfast with Colorist and Partner of Post House Alter Ego, Wade Odlum. We wrapped the Color Tour Podcast EP7.

My quest to use public transport to and from every airport I visit in 2018 continued as I boarded the UP Express train to Pearson Airport.

I needed to change planes due to a technical fault, so eventually departed Toronto 2.5 hours late. With a 2.5 hour connection in LAX things were not looking good for my TVC grade on Wednesday/Thursday!

Pilot put his foot down, sorry, hand down and we touch down at LAX 60 mins before the Brisbane connection. Easy I thought, might even get a cheeky champagne in the lounge?

We then have to wait 40 mins for the plane to get on the gate!!

No champagne for Wozza, I then had to run from T6 to the Tom Bradley terminal with a variety of other passengers. Not a runner, I was proud of my breathless effort and finished 3rd just edging out the Brisbane over 70s Hockey team. As I entered Tom Bradley I could here my name being called by Virgin Australia staff. “Wozzzaaaa where are you?”

I made it with 5 mins to spare!


Tuesday 13th November.

I binge watched 8 Episodes of Handmaid’s Tale during the 14 hour flight to Brisbane. Loved it, the show that is, not the flight. 

Wednesday 14th November.

Arrived in Brisbane at 6am feeling pretty fresh to find a HDD waiting at my grading HQ. With my suitcase lost over the Pacific Ocean, the washing was on hold so I got stuck into the conform of my TVC booking. I set some looks and sent stills to both the Director Tahnee McGuire and long time DP client Shing Fung Cheung Amazingly still awake at 6pm I took Mrs Eagles and the pooch Roxy to dinner. Both clients then informed me because of schedule changes they couldn’t attend the grade, happy for me to play a game of WIP version ping pong with them the following day.

I fell in a heap at 9pm, back home that is, not at the bar!

Thursday 15th November

Wide awake at 3am. What do you do? You’ve guessed it, grade a TV commercial. I felt remarkably fresh. By 6am I was uploading the first WIP. Minimal changes followed by a second WIP upload meant I was finished at 8am. Time to do the school run and get stuck into the washing that had arrived via Sydney.


11am and still wide awake, I needed to edit some Black Friday and Cyber Monday FXPHD promos, I pushed on till my head hit my Resolve control surface pillow at 3pm.

Dinner with the family followed by ironing and packing, I headed to the airport (not on a Public bus)

I fall asleep in the Singapore Airlines lounge, and had to be woken by a fellow passenger.

At 11pm I boarded my flight to Singapore. I cannot sleep, wide awake, Canadian jet lag kicking in big time, so continued my binge of the Handmaid’s Tale, the screens are fantastic on Singapore Airlines.


Friday 16th November

Arrive at 5am and have to continue my Color Tour Podcast quest of using Public Transport at every airport. Luckily Singapore has a fantastic MRT system so this is a relatively easy trip to Media Asylum.


ICA classes start at 0930am, day 1 of 7!

Finish work at 5pm.

Asleep at 6pm

Wide awake at 11pm, so wrote this.










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