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Melbourne ICA Colorist weekend by Warren Eagles
to Jul 21

Melbourne ICA Colorist weekend by Warren Eagles

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I am really pleased to be offering for the first time in Melbourne, ICA Colorist training classes at Swinburne University of Technology.

This class whilst run using DaVinci Resolve software is designed as an all round colour class. So great for DPs, DITs, Editors and all in one production people.

The ICA RG101, is the ultimate Color class. Ideal for beginners, but also great for you if you have taken an online class and are looking for more direction. Learn to color correct the right way from a 30 year Colorist vetran. Warren has a grading shop in Brisbane and colors commercials, documentaries and indie features.

Your training machine, media and PDF training documentation will be supplied. Students are encouraged to bring and discuss the material they use in their everyday workflows. The ICA welcomes class participation and we try to tailor each class to our student needs as much as possible.

I am looking forward heading to Victoria and spreading my color correction knowledge to the local film industry. Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the content of the classes.

Please e-mail me for a -20% student and Society/Guild discount code



Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

RG101: Learning to Grade with Resolve (2 Days) July 20th

ICA instructor Warren Eagles

This class is an excellent introduction to DaVinci Resolve. It is ideal for first time users and you do not need to be a Colorist to attend. Class size is normally capped at 15 students. The class mixes the operational side of Resolve with some practical real world training on workflows, basic color theory, grading approaches and techniques. It is run at a relaxed pace, questions are encouraged and group participation is a key part of the course. You are encouraged to download Resolve and have a play before coming.

This class is ideal for Junior Colorists, Editors, DITs, DPs, Photographers and VFX artists, basically anybody with a desire to get into color correction.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to load your Resolve software and get started

  • New Media Management tools

  • Getting different camera formats into the Resolve

  • Conforming with XML and EDLs

  • Basic Color theory and how this works in the DaVinci

  • Primary and secondary correction including curves

  • What are waveforms, how do they make us a better Colorist?

  • How the nodes work, they are very powerful when used correctly.

  • 5 Power Windows: Learn why you use them, not just how to use them

  • Tracking Windows with the auto tracker

  • Keyframing both color correction and framing controls

  • Grading digital material, including BMCC, RED and Sony

  • Matching a sequence, where do you start?

  • Test what you have learned when grading the Colorist challenge material.

All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.


"I had a wonderful time in Warren's class! It was something I've been eyeing for about a year and half and haven't had time to take until now. Resolve is much more de-mystified now. I look forward to taking the advanced class in the future"

Michael T. McCool, CIV, USAF
Hill Air Force Base, Utah

"What the students said"


Please e-mail me for a -20% student and Society/Guild discount code.

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